“Making the initial call to Holly was the best thing I have ever done. I was apprehensive about coaching/therapy at first, but Holly made me feel completely comfortable within about 5 minutes of the first session. Holly makes you feel safe and secure to discuss anything you like, without feeling self-conscious or that any problem is too small. I have been having coaching with Holly for over a year, and our sessions have unlocked limiting beliefs and patterns of behaviour that I wasn’t even aware were seriously affecting my self-esteem and confidence to live life fully. When you begin, you never know what each session will bring, and you always leave with something wonderful and new to think about. Some of the most significant sessions I have had have been when I arrived thinking I had nothing to talk about! Holly has offered me strategies and a new perspective which has helped me achieve completely new approaches with relationships, my career, and my relationship with food. I feel calmer, happier, have faith in my own abilities, and positive for the future. Without exaggeration, working with Holly has been life changing.” 

Alex, Buckinghamshire

It is without hesitation that I recommend Holly to anyone who is finding that their quality of life is being impaired by mental health complications. For me, the problem was anxiety, but this anxiety was manifesting itself in a way that I could not understand or deal with. Holly was the first professional who was really able to make a difference. Collaboratively, and through many sessions, Holly and I developed strategies to tackle my problems in manageable pieces. These strategies were tested and the ones that worked were incorporated into my daily life. This was a tough process initially, but through perseverance we were able to find things that worked among the things that didn’t.  Holly I truly appreciate the contribution you have made to getting my life back on the rails.

John, Buckinghamshire

I have seen Holly on a number of occasions over the past couple of months. I’d never had any experience of Life Coaching before and I have been overwhelmed by the impact the sessions have had on my life. Some of the work has really helped my day-to-day life in a very real way. My behavioural patterns were explored and adapted to help me cope in situations that I would previously have found stressful. The powerful impact of other sessions cannot be overstated. With Holly’s help, I feel like I have learnt about myself and the impact this has had on many aspects of my life has been incredible. I am grateful to Holly for these insights which I don’t think I would have been aware of without her help and support. Life seems infinitely more manageable and happy now. I would recommend seeing Holly to anyone who needs some guidance with the stresses of life – isn’t that everyone!

Sarah, Buckinghamshire

Thank you so much for your insight, and positive, practical advice during our sessions. Using the techniques you have taught me, you have given me the impetus to take control of my life again.

Fiona, Buckinghamshire

As a lifelong yoyo dieter I was fed up with the diet-merry-go-round and had decided that my only realistic option was to undergo stomach surgery. A friend recommended NLP, even though it seems a little farfetched I thought what have I got to lose? Over the course of several sessions Holly carried out techniques which helped me break some of my bad eating habits, but also a technique that’s had a profound effect on how I feel about myself. Working with Holly not only fixed my yoyo dieting, but has also had a positive impact on many other aspects of my life. I realise that I was overeating because I had fundamental beliefs about myself that affected my relationship with food, and given that many other aspects of my life have improved, my beliefs had been affecting how I interacted with the world. I saved a fortune on the surgery – thank you Holly. NLP just works and I plan regular MOT’s with Holly.

Christopher, Buckinghamshire

I used to be terrified of spiders and wouldn’t stay in the room with one. Then I had a coaching session which mostly involved me using my imagination. Now I am fine around them, they don’t bother me and I don’t bother them!

Izzy (12), Buckinghamshire

I was very sceptical about seeing a life coach, wasn’t sure what to expect, or if they could help me, how wrong was I!! Holly is a very approachable person, with a calming aura. I would recommend her highly, she put me at ease straight away. Holly was able to make me see things from a different perspective, and has shown me techniques that are now helping me in my day to day life, which I will carry with me throughout the rest of my life.

Sarah, Berkshire